Karl Sterner Illambra Interview

Conversation with Karl Sterner, a passionate young author from Sweden: Karl talks about his work as a fully independent filmmaker, about his background, inspirations and past and future projects . You can check out the series of his short films “We also want to play” in our online library – click here to watch.

Alessia Cecchet and Josh Tuthill Illambra Interview

Conversation with a creative duo from Santa Cruz, California: Alessia Cechett and Josh Tuthill talk about their work with mixed media, motifs and inspirations of their films and about filmmaking in general. You can check out Josh’s “Black Dog” and Alessia’s “Onikuma” in our online library: https://www.illambra.com/programs/black-dog-3b2410 https://www.illambra.com/programs/onikuma-fa58b9

Following the fourth edition of Berlin Revolution Film Festival (which was live-streamed via Twitch), three films of Cesare Bedogné join the line-up of Illambra catalogue: STORY FOR AN EMPTY THEATRE (2016), MARIA’S SILENCE (2017), THE LAST STEP OF AN ACROBAT (2018).

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