Cesare Bedogné Illambra Interview

Happy to share with you our conversation with Cesare Bedogné, the Italian photographer, filmmaker and writer. His three films ‘The Last Step Of An Acrobat”, “Story For An Empty Theatre” and ”Maria’s Silence” are available for streaming HERE in our catalogue. Cesare talked about how his photos and novel became a film, influences and collaborations […]

Giorgos Nikopoulos Illambra Interview

Another great interview with a filmmaker from Greece, Giorgos Nikopoulos. His amazing animation film ”The OX” you can watch HERE in our library. Giorgos is telling us about his perception of animation, how Greek drama, theatre, and other cultures influenced his work. ILLAMBRA: What got you into film making, especially animation? GN: My studies were related to […]

Gonzalo Baharona Illambra Interview

Conversation with Chilean director Gonzalo Baharona who enjoys experimenting with art and science. He tells us the journey from painting and drawing, through film and animation to science and quantum physics. His animated film ”The Fly” (Die Fliege) is available for streaming HERE. ILLAMBRA: You are originally coming from Chile. Was your decision to move […]

Richard Bailey Illambra Interview

Happy to share with you our conversation with Richard Bailey, the American director of two short films ‘”Alien on the Roof” and “The Legacy of an Outsider” available for streaming HERE in our catalogue. Richard talked about his childhood cinematic experiences, the inspiration behind his films, his poetry and filmmaking. ILLAMBRA: Could you tell us […]

David Harkin Illambra Interview

Another great interview with an Irish filmmaker David Harkin who’s short film ”To F” you can watch HERE in our library. David is talking about his beginnings, the importance of visual aesthetics, features of his style and influences on his work. ILLAMBRA: Tell us a bit how you became a filmmaker, and why are you […]

Ed Carter Illambra Interview

We had a lovely conversation with Ed Carter a British filmmaker based in Boston. On Illambra we are streaming his three short films – THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR, LETTERS FROM ENIWETOK and SPRING II, you can find them HERE. ILLAMBRA: Why film and what were your first experiences with this visual sort of art? EC: We […]

Gerrit Kuge Illambra Interview

Happy to share with you our conversation with German director Gerrit Kuge, who’s two short films MORAN and NORTHERN MALADY you can watch HERE in our online library. ILLAMBRA: Why film? Could you tell us a bit about your beginnings and reasons behind the decision to become a film director? GK: When I was about […]

Karl Sterner Illambra Interview

Conversation with Karl Sterner, a passionate young author from Sweden: Karl talks about his work as a fully independent filmmaker, about his background, inspirations and past and future projects . You can check out the series of his short films “We also want to play” in our online library – click here to watch.

Alessia Cecchet and Josh Tuthill Illambra Interview

Conversation with a creative duo from Santa Cruz, California: Alessia Cechett and Josh Tuthill talk about their work with mixed media, motifs and inspirations of their films and about filmmaking in general. You can check out Josh’s “Black Dog” and Alessia’s “Onikuma” in our online library: https://www.illambra.com/programs/black-dog-3b2410 https://www.illambra.com/programs/onikuma-fa58b9

Following the fourth edition of Berlin Revolution Film Festival (which was live-streamed via Twitch), three films of Cesare Bedogné join the line-up of Illambra catalogue: STORY FOR AN EMPTY THEATRE (2016), MARIA’S SILENCE (2017), THE LAST STEP OF AN ACROBAT (2018).

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