Cesare Bedogné joins Illambra

Three films of Cesare Bedogné join Illambra catalogue.

Following the fourth edition of Berlin Revolution Film Festival (which was live-streamed via Twitch), three films of Cesare Bedogné join the line-up of Illambra catalogue: STORY FOR AN EMPTY THEATRE (2016), MARIA’S SILENCE (2017), THE LAST STEP OF AN ACROBAT (2018). 

Cesare Bedogné (1968.) is an Italian photographer, film-maker and writer currently based in Greece.  He graduated cum laude in Mathematics, with a thesis on Minkovski Space-Time, the geometrical theory at the basis of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. In the course of his studies he also deepened his interest for the visual arts, with particular attention to cinema and photography which then followed through. Cesare’s “Maria’s Silence” was also in the program of Berlin Revolution Film Festival 2020.

This is a first acquisition in what is a new phase of growth for Illambra. May these strange time gift us with good cinema and may good cinema help us get through these strange times.

Cesare’s website is here.